Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara




The credential is the pilgrim “passport” that attests to his identity and distinguishes him from any other traveler.

In addition to the pilgrim’s personal details, the place and date of arrival and departure are indicated, and there are spaces for stamps certifying passage through the individual stages of the Camino.

The credential is issued by the Santa Barbara Mining Trail Foundation and can be purchased for 5 euros directly at the Foundation’s office at Via Cattaneo, 70 Iglesias (SU).

The credential can be sent to your home (specifying the shipping address) after filling out the form below.

Payment should be made by bank transfer to:
“Fondazione Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara ” – IBAN IT48E0306909606100000149145 – Intesa San Paolo Bank.
Based on the number of credentials to be sent, the weight and cost of registered letter changes
The credential cannot be sent blank, so in the request it must be also indicated the name of the pilgrim.
For any further clarification and shipping costs, you can contact us.

20% discount will be applied from 10 or more credentials (4 euros per credential)

Agreements and conventions are being worked out with some of the hospitality facilities (catering, overnight stay, museums, etc.), which will provide discounts to those who present their regularly stamped credential.



The updated list of municipalities and activities authorized to stamp the credential as well as municipal offices and parishes.


The Testimonium is a parchment in which the meaning and spirit of the Way is briefly described. The stamps and the kilometers covered give pilgrims the right to ask for the Testimonium, which will be given free of charge upon arrival to pilgrims who have covered at least 100 km, even discontinuously.


The tower is a ceramic plaque that represents the logo of the Santa Barbara Mining Trail. The ceramic tower will be given as a gift at the finish of the path to pilgrims who have covered the entire path of about 500 km.