Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara




We are a foundation that want to hand down the memory of the men who, over the past centuries and millennia, built and traveled the ancient mining routes with the pleasure of rediscovering the beauty of the area at a slow pace.

The foundation

The Santa Barbara Mining Trail project, which has already attracted the interest of many hikers, has led to the establishment of the Santa Barbara Mining Trail Foundation, which deals with the management and promotion of the trail.


The Santa Barbara Mining Trail is a great itinerary in the area of ​​the Historical Environmental Geomining Park of Sardinia. Born with the aim of enhancing the abandoned mining areas of Sardinia, involving young people and identifying new job opportunities.

european projects

The European Federation of Mining Routes of Santa Barbara (MINES.B) is a project with multiple values ​​in which partners work with the aim of improving and highlighting the potential of the territories that have been protagonists of European mining history.


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