Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara




On 17 December 2016, on the basis of the results obtained by the partnership in the first phase of work, and in consideration of the considerable interest aroused among operators in the sector and among the pilgrims/hikers who have already traveled the itinerary in thousands, the project partners have decided to set up a participatory foundation called the Santa Barbara Mining Path Foundation. The Municipalities of Arbus, Buggerru, Carbonia, Fluminimaggiore, Giba, Gonnesa, Gonnosfanadiga, Guspini, Iglesias, Masainas, Musei, Narcao, Nuxis, Piscinas, San Giovanni Suergiu, Santadi, Sant’Antioco, Tratalias, Villacidro, Villamassargia and Villaperuccio and the ‘”POZZO SELLA ONLUS Association for the Geo-mining Park”, are the founding members. The Dioceses of Iglesias and Ales Terralba have joined the Foundation as participating members.

The Foundation, which will have to implement, promote and manage the path, will, among other things, take care of issuing the credential, making the GPS traces available, implementing the temporary signs and creating the definitive one, completing the arrangement and set-up works of the path, and to provide all the useful information for the best use of the path.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization and the proceeds from its assets and activities are entirely destined to the achievement of the statutory purposes.

The initial patrimony of the Foundation consists of the knowledge, studies, surveys and documentation, including the brand and the internet domain of the path, conferred free of charge by the “Associazione Pozzo Sella”, which in this sense is obliged by signing the deed foundation, and from the endowment fund resulting from the cash contributions of the remaining founding members.

The establishment of the Foundation represents a reason for great satisfaction and pride for all the volunteers who have contributed generously, competently and freely to the achievement of this result.

It was a new and tiring and at the same time extraordinary and exhilarating experience that only those who have a deep love for their land can accomplish.

But the real masterpiece of institutional unity was made by the Municipal Councils of the Municipalities concerned who, with their unanimous resolutions, sowed a seed of social cohesion with the decision to set up the Santa Barbara Mining Path Foundation.

Board of directors

The Board of  Directors of the Foundation is made up of seven members, appointed, in accordance with the internal decisions of the individual constituent bodies, in the person of Messrs:

  • Veronica Impera, Pietro Morittu  and  Michelangelo Pirosu , representing the Sulcis district;
  • Mauro Usai  and  Martina Rita Andreuccetti , representing the district of Iglesias;
  • Giuseppe De Fanti , representing the Guspinese district;
  • Massimo Sanna , representing the “Pozzo Sella Association”;


The  Board of Directors , with Resolution no. 15 of November 17, 2022 appointed  Mauro Usai  as  President of the Santa Barbara Mining Path Foundation .
The Board of Directors remains in office for four years and its members perform their mandate free of charge without the right to any compensation or emolument.