Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 06 – From Piscinas to Montevecchio

  • Total Length18,8 km
  • Difficulty by FootMedium
  • Travel times6 hours and 30 minutes
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up890 m
  • Climb down532 m

The stage is mostly uphill with an initial climb to reach the village of Ingurtosu.

You will discover some amazing examples of industrial archaeology in the disused mines of Ingurtosu and Montevecchio.

From the dune complex of Piscinas, you move on to the holm oak woods and to the Mediterranean scrub, where it is common to observe the Sardinian deer that populates this area.

Safety and useful tips

The stage does not present any particular difficulties, even though the route follows the SP04, which is an accessible dirt road.

In the first section, you have to cross twice the Rio Irvi, which flows alongside the road. If this watercourse is in flood and fording is not easy, it is advisable to take the main road, which in any case proceeds in the same direction as the route.

It is only when you reach the Church of Santa Barbara of Ingurtosu that you can take the SP04.18, an asphalted road where, despite the presence of few vehicles, you must pay attention when passing through, especially because of the turns that you find along the way. You will then reach the Management building after which you proceed following the SP 66, which is again a dirt road.

All along the way, you will come across several buildings dating back to the old mining activity, many of which are closed and secured; some others are not, but they are all in a state of disrepair and precarious stability. In order to avoid any problems or accidents, do not cross the fences and/or venture inside the ruined buildings of the old mining plants, but always admire them from a distance without leaving the Trail.