Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara




The journey is 500 km long and is divided into 30 stages, with an average of 16 per stage. The stages are designed in order to arrive at points that offer hospitality and in order to have time, at the end of the stage, to visit the places of interest.

The path can be traveled independently, it is signposted and on this site you will find all the tracks available for download.

Plus there’s a free app that can guide you along the way.

If you prefer, you can find a list of environmental hiking guides on this page.

To start walking the path, it is necessary to request the credential through our website or directly on site, the credential costs 5 euros and entitles you to discounts along the way, for example overnight stays in our facilities and in those with special prices reduced, and also to have telephone assistance from the Foundation.

On our site there is a list of accommodation facilities ordered by stage, some are managed by the CMSB Foundation and are indicated as “Posadas”, accessible only to pilgrims with credentials, some have agreements with us and offer a reduced price for pilgrims with credential, and then there are indicated some private structures such as b & b, hotels, etc …

For any information contact us.