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Leg's go in Cammino

Terms and Conditions of the Promotional Initiative


The Promotional Initiative is offered by the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara Foundation (hereinafter CMSB Foundation) and is valid for ten months, from 15/10/2023 to 15/12/2023, from 15/01/2024 to 15/06/2024, and from 15/09/2024 to 15/12/2024.


The Promotional Initiative is reserved for holders of a Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara credential who are under 35 years of age.


The Promotional Initiative allows users to obtain one to three vouchers that allow for overnight stays (subject to availability) in Posadas and in accommodations affiliated with the CMSB Foundation, at no cost. To obtain the voucher, the user, in addition to meeting the requirements, must be the holder of a CMSB credential (cost €5.00). By visiting the website, they must choose from the options of one, two, or three nights, as indicated in the “Leg’s Go in Cammino” section, while simultaneously indicating the donation amount. Once the request is submitted, the CMSB Foundation offices, after verifying the requirements, will request the donation payment via a payment link or other agreed-upon methods. Following the procedure, within 7 working days, the donor will receive three personalized vouchers via email for use during the initiative’s validity period. The donation is non-refundable.

Once the vouchers are obtained, the reservation at the identified accommodations will be the responsibility of the user. At the time of check-in at the accommodation, the user must provide the code of their voucher, which will be immediately redeemed and invalidated. Once the reservation is made, it cannot be modified.

For two or three-night options, reservations must be made on consecutive days (Example: in the three-night option – from Portoscuso to Masua, the user must make reservations as follows: day x for overnight stay at one of the participating accommodations in Gonnesa, day x+1 for an overnight stay at an Iglesias facility, day x+2 for an overnight stay at the Posada in Nebida). In the case of choosing one of the two or three-night options, the non-use of the first voucher will result in the cancellation of the remaining vouchers, which cannot be used anymore.

In order to prevent abusive and/or fraudulent activities and for any unforeseeable changes in market conditions, the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara Foundation reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the initiative at any time and with immediate effect, following communication on the website

The Customer, the user of the service, will be solely responsible towards the owner of the booked accommodation and for the correct use of the vouchers. The user agrees not to use the service for unlawful purposes and/or purposes other than those specified in these Contract Terms.


In using and enjoying the service, the Customer commits to:

  1. a) Not violate legal provisions, regulations, the rights of third parties, including provisions related to copyright law.
  2. b) Not forward, reproduce, duplicate, and distribute the Services that are offered for personal use only.
  3. c) Not cause harm.
  4. d) Respect any limitations provided for in the use of the Service.
  5. e) Hold the CMSB Foundation harmless from any liability arising from the user’s failure to comply with these limitations. The Customer, therefore, agrees to indemnify the CMSB Foundation from any damages resulting from the violation of these obligations and/or legal or regulatory provisions by the Customer.

The CMSB Foundation wants all of its users to enjoy the stages of the journey in a pleasant and worry-free manner. It is important, therefore, that the traveler behaves responsibly and with respect for others. Consequently, to the extent that the CMSB Foundation and/or one of the Third-Party Providers believe that the actions of the Traveler have caused or may cause disturbances, inconveniences, or a safety risk, or damage to the property, the CMSB Foundation, the Third-Party Providers, or other clients, the relevant Third-Party Provider may ask the Traveler to vacate the booked accommodation.

The CMSB Foundation also has the right to cancel the traveler’s reservation without any liability. In such circumstances, the CMSB Foundation does not provide any compensation or refund, nor does it cover any expenses incurred by the traveler as a result of such action.


The CMSB Foundation disclaims any responsibility for the behavior of other individuals at its accommodations or at affiliated private accommodations as a result of such action. In the event that the traveler’s behavior causes losses or damages to persons or property for which the CMSB Foundation is responsible, the traveler agrees to reimburse the CMSB Foundation for such losses or damages, along with any legal costs incurred by the CMSB Foundation in pursuing such dispute against the traveler.

The Voucher is not convertible to cash and does not entitle you to refunds. After the expiration date, the Voucher cannot be used, and you will not be entitled to any form of refund. It is, therefore, advisable to make reservations well in advance.

These General Conditions, the Contract, and any disputes or claims (including those of a non-contractual nature) regarding them, their subject matter, or formation, will be subject to and construed in accordance with Italian law.