Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 29 - from Portoscuso to Bacu Abis

  • Total Length18,9 km
  • Difficulty by FootHard
  • Travel times6 hours and 30 minutes
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up459 m
  • Climb down386 m

From the culture and economy of the sea, you will return to the land of mines by walking along the spectacular volcanic cliffs of the south-west coast to reach the Bacu Abis mine, where mining activity began in the Sulcis coal basin.

While admiring the beauty of the coastal landscape, with a panorama reaching as far as the limestone cliffs of Masua, you will move from the industrial archaeology of the Seruci mine to the classical archaeology of the Nuragic settlement with the same name, retracing 3,500 years of history in just a few kilometres.

Safety and useful tips

The first part of the route runs through the centre of Portoscuso, so you need to pay attention to the presence of urban vehicular traffic. As you leave Capo Altano and the Portoscuso Pine Forest, there's a stretch that passes above the cliffs in the areas of Bucca de Flumini and Capo Giordano. The passage, although quiet and comfortable, presents an exposed part towards the cliff, therefore you must pay attention not to lean out and always stay at a distance from the edge of the cliff. After this suggestive stretch, you need to cross the SP 108 road, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of vehicular traffic. After passing the archaeological site of Nuraghe Seruci, you will reach once again the SP 108, on which you have to proceed for about 2.3 km in the direction of Terras ColluPay attention to vehicular traffic and try to proceed as much as possible on the embankment flanking the roadway. Upon arriving in the area of Terras Collu, as you go past the ruins of the Church of San Rocco, you need to cross the SP 126 road, therefore you must pay close attention to vehicular traffic. At the roundabout that leads to Bacu Abispay attention to the next crossing that you need to take in order to visit the Castoldi Palace. As you reach Bacu Abis, you have to walk through the roads of the village, therefore once again you need to pay attention to urban traffic.

The stage is long, so prepare yourself properly.