Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 27 - from Nuraxi Figus to Carloforte

  • Total Length12,0 km
  • Difficulty by FootEasy
  • Travel times3 hours and 30 minutes + 40 minutes by ferry
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up196 m
  • Climb down310 m

You will walk outside the industrial area of Portovesme and immerse yourself in the ancient maritime culture of this territory which, thanks to fishing and tuna processing, has generated a centuries-old history that is still alive today and that is the source of an extraordinary gastronomic tradition.

With this unique stage of the Trail, in addition to walking easily on dry land, you will cross a short stretch of sea by ferry to discover the indelible traces of the infrastructures and of the men (railways, depots, berths for boats and ports for steamships) that for a century ensured the transport of merchant minerals produced in the mines of the south-western coast of Sardinia.

ATTENTION: there are no supermarkets or other services in Portixeddu, bars and restaurants are open only in the summer season.

Safety and useful tips

The route begins along the streets of Nuraxi Figus, where you need to pay attention to the presence of urban traffic.

Afterwards, you will walk through easy internal dirt roads until you reach Sa Piramide, where you must cross the SP 82 road and proceed for about 500 m. Pay close attention to the presence of cars.

As you pass Monte Dolorosu with its commemorative cross, you need to cross the SP 108 road, therefore pay attention when crossing.

Once in Portoscuso, you have to walk through the town streets to reach the embarkation point in Portovesme, therefore you need to pay attention to urban traffic.

Once embarked to reach Carlofortefollow the ship's safety rules during the crossing.

As you arrive in Carlofortebe aware of the presence of urban traffic.