Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 24 - from Tratalias to Sant'Antioco

  • Total Length15,6 km
  • Difficulty by FootMedium
  • Travel times5 hours and 30 minutes
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up199 m
  • Climb down179 m

WARNING: due to work in progress in the Sant'Antioco saltworks, a deviation must be made as indicated below; the area is signed.

This is an easy stage that leaves time to visit the various ancient churches present in the area: from the medieval Santa Maria di Monserrato, to the Byzantine Santa Maria di Palmas, to the early Christian Basilica of Sant'Antioco.

You should keep a slow pace to admire the naturalistic beauty of the birdlife present in the wet area of the Sant'Antioco saltworks: a fascinating itinerary that leads you back to the south-western coast of Sardinia.

Safety and useful tips

The route from the ancient village of Tratalias proceeds along a comfortable and easy dirt road. As you go past the small church of Palmas you have to cross the SS 195 road and the Rio Palmas.

Depending on the weather and on the flood conditions of the River, it is possible to pass under the SS 195. (Please Note: The River can flood even without adverse weather conditions, in fact it is the natural outlet of the dam of the Lake of Monte Prama; therefore the river can flood even when the dam locks are opened).

In case the SS 195 underpass over the bed of the Rio Palmas is impassable due to the water flow, you will have to cross the SS 195. Therefore, make sure to pay close attention to the presence of vehicular traffic.

Once in the vicinity of Sant'Antioco, it is necessary to proceed by crossing the SS 126 road and taking the footbridge that connects the Island of Sant'Antioco to Sardinia. Pay attention when crossing the state highway due to the heavy traffic.

At the end of the stage, you have to pass through the streets of Sant'Antioco, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the urban traffic.