Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 23 - from Candiani to Tratalias

  • Total Length24,2 km
  • Difficulty by FootHard
  • Travel times8 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up433 m
  • Climb down437 m

You will walk along the cliffs of Porto Pinetto and Portu Su Trigu while admiring once again the beautiful landscape with a constant view of the gulf of Palmas to the west.

The large expanses of Vermentino and Carignano vines are also characteristic of the first part of the route, until you enter the dune complex behind the Sa Salina and the Porto Botte beaches, from which you reach the plain with countryside landscapes that brings you to Tratalias.

It is a demanding stage due to its length, but very easy to walk.

Safety and useful tips

The route from Candiani does not present any particular difficulties until you get to the crossing of Via Nora, which is the asphalted road that goes from Is Solinas to the coast, where you have to cross the road and pay attention to vehicular traffic.

After passing Porto Botte, you have to proceed along an asphalted road with little traffic, which will take you to the Nuraghe Villarios, where shortly afterwards you have to cross the junction between SP 195 and SP 73. All these roads are subject to heavy vehicular traffic, so it is advisable to pay close attention to the various crossings along the route.

Afterwards, the route proceeds to Tratalias along dirt country roads and a cycle track (in Tratalias) which, despite being crossed by cars and vehicles, are not that problematic.

The stage is very long, so it is necessary to be adequately prepared.