Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 21 - from Is Zuddas to Masainas

  • Total Length24,9 km
  • Difficulty by FootHard
  • Travel times8 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up826 m
  • Climb down873 m

This stage will lead you to barite quarries and several archaeological sites (Domus de janas of Su Cungiau de Tuttui, Nuraghi Moddizzi, Murrecci and Corongius Longus).

Lush vegetation with beautiful juniper trees covers the hills above the urban centre of Masainas.

You will have occasional glimpses of the landscape, where you can admire the sea in the distance.

The uphill slope that must be climbed at the start of the route to come up from the Is Zuddas caves (102 m above sea level) and reach the pass of Monte Moddizzi (374 m above sea level) is quite challenging.

Safety and useful tips

Upon leaving Is Zuddas, follow the SP 70 road for about 500 m to arrive in Su BenatzuPay attention to vehicular traffic and to the crossing in order to reach the correct side of the road.

Afterwards, you can proceed quite easily along the signed dirt roads that characterise the itinerary. However, it must be said that the stage is very long, therefore it is necessary to prepare adequately.

As you arrive in Piscinas, you will walk through the main street of the village, which is in fact the SS 293 road, therefore pay attention to urban traffic.

Also when you reach Giba, you will find the same situation as before, as you have to cross part of the town on the main road which is still the SS 293. Therefore, pay attention to urban traffic and any crossings.

Upon arriving in Masainas, just before reaching the memorial stone, you have to cross the southern outskirts of the village while passing through Via Roma, which is none other than the urban route of the SS 195; therefore make sure to pay attention when crossing and passing along the streets of the village.