Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 20 - from Santadi to Is Zuddas

  • Total Length15,2 km
  • Difficulty by FootEasy
  • Travel times5 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up191 m
  • Climb down216 m

In addition to the beauty of the Carignano vines, today's route is characterised by important archaeological points of interest (Menhir of Su Terrazzu, necropolis of Pani Loriga, Grotta del Tesoro) and traces of mining activity (Su Benatzu mine), but above all by underground karstic phenomena (Is Zuddas Caves).

Safety and useful tips

The route proceeds along comfortable and easy roads.

The first part of the route out of Santadi develops along asphalted urban and peri-urban roads, so pay attention to vehicular traffic.

Once you reach the village of Is Pireddas, you must cross the SP 293 road, therefore pay close attention to vehicular traffic.

Once you reach Terrazzu, you travel along asphalted roads with vehicular traffic in some sections; once again, make sure to pay attention.

After Terrazzu, you have to proceed towards Pani Loriga; if you want to visit the archaeological site, you need to cross once again the SP 293 two times to visit the site and come back. When crossing, pay attention to vehicular traffic on the provincial road.

Before arriving in Su Benatzu and just before Is Zuddas, you have to take a stretch of the SP 70 road; watch out for vehicular traffic.