Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 19 - from Nuxis to Santadi

  • Total Length15,3 km
  • Difficulty by FootEasy
  • Travel times4 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up390 m
  • Climb down457 m

A short stage, which is mainly covered along asphalted secondary roads and unpaved driveways. You will see the large barite quarry of Rio Bacchera and the onyx quarry of Tattinu (Roman quarry).

However, the main attractions of this route are the archaeological traces: from the Sacred Well of Tattinu, to the Byzantine Church of Sant'Elia, up to the rich Museum of Santadi.

WARNING: The sacred well of Tattinu is currently closed due to work in progress, the church of Sant'Elia is only visible from the outside.

Safety and useful tips

The route proceeds along comfortable and easy roads.

The first part of the route to leave Nuxis develops along asphalted urban and peri-urban roads, therefore you must pay attention to vehicular traffic.

Once you reach the village of Is Cosas, you have to follow the asphalted road along Via Camposanto in order to reach Santadi. Although this road is not very busy, you must pay attention to vehicular traffic that intensifies as you get closer to the town of Santadi.