Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 17 - from Orbai to Rosas

  • Total Length18,0 km
  • Difficulty by FootHard
  • Travel times6 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up641 m
  • Climb down723 m

An interesting and pleasant stage that links two important mining sites with a rich heritage of industrial and classical archaeology such as the Nuraghe Monte Scorra.

You will walk along comfortable dirt roads, mule tracks and paths, almost completely surrounded by forest and Mediterranean scrub.

Safety and useful tips

The route proceeds along comfortable and easy roads, characterised by a first section where it winds its way through a dense forest.

Once you get out of the forest, take the path that climbs up towards the Nuraghe Monte Scorra, from which it is possible to see the ruins of the protonuraghe from a short distance. Do not venture to visit the nuraghe due to both the difficulty of the route and the fact that the site is not undergoing any restoration or safety work, so there may be danger of collapse or damage to the structure.

The rest of the route, although long, does not present any major difficulties.

For those who wish to shorten the way, remember that immediately after Orbai it is possible to take the alternative route described in the previous stage and arrive directly in Rosas with a walk of less than 8 km.