Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 15 - from Marganai to Domusnovas-Museums

  • Total Length16,6 km
  • Difficulty by FootMedium
  • Travel times5 hours and 30 minutes
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up596 m
  • Climb down1187 m

WARNING: To pass through the Cave of St. John, you need to present yourself at the northern entrance, ring the bell and identify yourself as a CMSB pilgrim, then an operator will come and open the door. The cave is open from 9 am to 6 pm, otherwise there is an alternative route to go outside.

In this area, mining activity has left important traces that are immersed in a beautiful nature.

This stage takes you almost 800 m underground, crossing from north to south the second largest karstic cave in Europe, which used to be crossed by lorries and today can only be accessed on foot, horseback or by bicycle.

The nuragic site of Sa Domu 'e S'Orku is also remarkable. The route is relatively easy, however the steep downhill along the hairpin turns of the mule tracks during the first part of the stage requires special attention.

Safety and useful tips

As you approach the downhill towards the Cave of St. John, you walk through an evocative stretch along an old railway track, Sa Strade de su Vagoni. This stretch is comfortable but exposed to falling, therefore do not lean towards the exposed part and keep to the centre or to the upstream side of the roadway.

Once you arrive in Domusnovas, you will pass through an urban stretch to reach the Church of Santa Barbara and then exit towards Musei, so you must pay attention to vehicular traffic.

Also in the vicinity of Musei and in the residential area it is necessary to pay attention to vehicular traffic and follow the signed zebra crossings.