Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara



Stage 14 - from San Benedetto to Marganai

  • Total Length5,6 km
  • Difficulty by FootEasy
  • Travel times3 hours
  • How to arriveInfo and transportation
  • Climb up472 m
  • Climb down127 m

For more than half of the stage you will walk along the old railway track, which was built on the slopes of these limestone-dolomite mountains to transport minerals.

The final section of the path will lead to Case Marganai and runs along a comfortable dirt road entirely immersed in dense holm oak woods.

This is a very short and easy stage that is recommended if you want to spend a light day in a beautiful mountain environment, also with the chance to visit the Linasia Garden and comfortably reach the summit of Punta San Michele (906 m).

ATTENTION: In this stage there is no accommodation so it is necessary to continue along the next stage.

Safety and useful tips

The first part of the route follows the path of the old mining railway that served the San Benedetto Mine. This stretch is exposed to falling from above, therefore do not lean towards the exposed part and keep to the centre or to the upstream side of the roadway.

The rest of the route continues slightly uphill, but it is easy and smooth