Cammino Minerario Di Santa Barbara





GAE - Environmental hiking guide

Aru Carlo Aurelio


Freelancer, he accompanies throughout the territory all year round.

PRESENTATION:  I have been a guide for 6 years, first trekking guide for associations now as an AIGAE guide in Sardinia and beyond.
I’m from Villacidro and I’ve traveled and I’m still walking the CMSB.
I collaborate with various associations in Sardinia and soon my work as a guide at the San Giovanni Cave in Domusnovas.

CONTACTS : tel:  3493251613  /

Caddeo Robert

GAE: 812

Freelance, she accompanies along the stretches of Sulcis Iglesiente all year round.

PRESENTATION: 40 years old in October, Full-time Environmental Hiking Guide for 5 years!
Graduated in motor sciences, European master’s degree in adapted physical activity, I lived in Belgium, Ireland, Australia and Tuscany before hearing the call of the motherland to which I have always been linked and with which I am deeply in love!
I tell about its naturalistic merits and historical and cultural anecdotes with passion, the passion I have for what I love most.

SPECIALIZATION:  Archaeology, history, food and wine

CONTACTS : tel:  349 8644755  /


Cadeddu Ariadne

LAGAP: 513

Freelancer, she accompanies you all along the way, all year round.

PRESENTATION: Hello, I would like to submit to your attention my application as an environmental hiking guide along the mining trails of Santa Barbara. My expression of interest is linked to the opportunity to be able to make our natural assets known and valued to all those who have expressed the will, to undertake these paths so rich in history and culture and to travel them in the most sustainable way, i.e. on foot . I believe that the best way for a traveler to enjoy, take advantage of and get to know the reality of a territory is to have a guide by his side who can put him in communication with all the realities of that territory. From the structures that will host it to the producers of the food it will eat, 

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  349 6494900  /

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Contini Maria Stefania

GAE: 591 / ASG: 267

Sole proprietorship, it accompanies you all along the way, all year round.

PRESENTATION:  I am an environmental hiking guide in love with my land. I like to accompany people to discover our territory, especially the less known areas. My specialties are Biowatching (360° observation of the natural environment and recognition of traces of wild species), Birdwatching and day and night naturalistic observations, even with ambush.

SPECIALIZATION:  Geology, natural sciences, mining history

CONTACTS : tel:  348 9305607  /

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Frau Francesca

LAGAP: 562

He works in withholding tax, accompanies along the stretches of Sulcis Iglesiente, all year round on weekdays.


I started in the Horeca sector as a room attendant and receptionist and a year ago I qualified as an Environmental Excursion Guide. I currently collaborate with the Molentargius Regional Park as an operator of the CEAS. My passion is plants and stories related to the territory. I have a degree in languages ​​and I am fluent in English and Spanish; moreover, in 2019 I obtained the qualification of tourism digital marketing technician.

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  389 8511966  /

Garau Viviana

GAE: 707


Freelance, accompanies along the stretches of Arbus and Guspini, request availability.

PRESENTATION: My name is Viviana, I am an Environmental Hiking and Cycling Guide. I have been working for about 10 years in the naturalistic sector. I grew up in a small village in Marmilla, I spent my childhood in contact with nature, developing my interest and passion for animals, plants and rocks. In recent years, I have treasured every experience, dedicating a lot of time to study and practice to get to know many corners of my land, Sardinia. I take care of accompaniment in nature: trekking project, excursions, walks, e-bike routes, naturalistic teaching, I organize events and much more. Being an Environmental Guide on this land is an honor because Sardinia is a unique land. I think that hiking, in addition to making a territory known and appreciated, must be a tool to promote and enhance those who live and work in that area. In my excursions I try to highlight the relationship between person and nature but also the human relationships between the participants, for a better well-being able to remove any stressful situation. For me, accompanying means sharing passions and learning together, even in an apparently simple but actually exciting context. I am passionate about many outdoor activities and my desire to make all those people who want to rediscover the healthy contact with nature and get to know the wonders that Sardinia offers live the emotions that I myself feel. for a better well-being able to remove any stressful situation. For me, accompanying means sharing passions and learning together, even in an apparently simple but actually exciting context. I am passionate about many outdoor activities and my desire to make all those people who want to rediscover the healthy contact with nature and get to know the wonders that Sardinia offers live the emotions that I myself feel. for a better well-being able to remove any stressful situation. For me, accompanying means sharing passions and learning together, even in an apparently simple but actually exciting context. I am passionate about many outdoor activities and my desire to make all those people who want to rediscover the healthy contact with nature and get to know the wonders that Sardinia offers live the emotions that I myself feel.

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  347 7607284  /

Lai Loredana


Libra professional, accompanies you all along the way, all year round.


I became an environmental guide after a life path that allowed me to deal with different human and professional realities. Having studied languages, I have traveled and lived in various European countries, so that I returned home with a baggage full of very different experiences.
With Francesca we created a project, Janas excursions, which was born in 2020 with ‘Special envoys along the Santa Barbara mining path’. In 2021 we traveled the entire Camino, to promote its beauty and its Territories.
And we still continue to do it today with those who love nature and slow pace

SPECIALIZATION:  Mining history

CONTACTS : tel:  333 3151297  /


Lilliu Simone

Freelancer, accompanies you along the way all year round on weekends.

PRESENTATION: My name is Simone Lilliu, I’m 34 years old and I’m from Ussaramanna, a small village in the lower Marmilla. In 2018 I became an Environmental Hiking Guide after attending a 700-hour regional course. I collaborate weekly with the Ceas of Molentargius accompanying school groups and tourists along the paths along the salt marshes and ponds. Often during the weekends I accompany small groups mainly in the territories of central-southern Sardinia.

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences, archaeology

CONTACTS : tel:  345 8096459  /

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Marletta Giovanna


Freelancer, he accompanies throughout the territory in the summer.

PRESENTATION:  Giovanna Marletta, nature guide for 20 years, biologist and teacher.
You have carried out training courses in phytoalimurgia, phytotherapy, experiential laboratories and environmental education. You have published naturalistic articles in the Gioeni Academy and Sicilian magazines.


CONTACTS : tel:  347 2903669  /

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Melis Leonella

GAE: 667 / AIGAE: SA366

Freelance, she accompanies along the stretches of Sulcis Iglesiente all year round.

PRESENTATION:  Always passionate about nature, ten years ago I obtained the qualification of environmental hiking guide and registration with RAS and Aigae. I organize excursions of great naturalistic importance, giving value to experiential and eco-sustainable tourism.


CONTACTS : tel:  347 9437675  /

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Mereu Katiuscia

GAE: 783

Libra professional, accompanies along the stretches of Sulcis Iglesiente all year round on weekends.


I’m Katiuscia, a new environmental guide who has a passion for the environment and the outdoors. When I can I organize short excursions and try to convey all the interest, also trying to raise awareness, why not ..?!

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  331 7494123  /


Mocco Francesca


Libra professional, accompanies you all along the way, all year round.


 My name is Francesca and since I was a child I have always loved sports, nature, being outdoors and getting to know new places. So, as I grew up, I became passionate about hiking, canyoning, caving and climbing. This experience and interest of mine prompted me to become an Environmental Hiking Guide, transforming a passion into my job.
The territory where I was born and which I love very much immediately stimulated my curiosity, my spirit as a listener and observer and my desire to get to know the localities in depth. Sulcis-Iglesiente is in fact a territory rich in mines and therefore in things to discover. Since I was a child I liked “digging” within this fascinating world by listening carefully to the stories of the elderly and my father and “exploring” the mining villages so rich in history, mystery and energy. Thanks to those stories and those explorations I was able to get to know and appreciate all aspects of the world of mining. Today I accompany people to those places and I love telling them those stories with the same enthusiasm with which I lived and learned them.
The desire to analyze the territories in all their aspects prompted me to choose to graduate in Political Science with a focus on social politics. When I visit a place, I certainly like to delve into the naturalistic aspects and I also like to examine the socio-cultural factors that concern an area. Just like with the mines, this way I feel I get to know and understand the territories more deeply, their history and energy, especially in a land, like Sardinia, where nature and culture are certainly not lacking!
The aspects of a territory, the emotions and moods can also be captured and told in a different way, through photography. I love to take people on photography excursions. Outings in natural and mountainous environments of this type allow participants to slow down and follow a different pace from the classic hiking outing in order to be able to observe, catch the right light and immortalize moments that remain imprinted in images. Those images you look at and take you back to where you were and where you experienced intense emotions.
Social issues are very important to me and I’ve always liked the idea of ​​combining them with another important thing like sport. After my studies, collaborating with an association that deals with sports for people with disabilities allowed me to learn and gain experience on how to make places and means accessible even to people with disabilities. A teaching that I still put into practice today.
Let me guide you to discover places that you can see and feel in all their facets!

SPECIALIZATION:  Mining history, sociology and anthropology

CONTACTS : tel:  351 9667593  /


Montis Massimiliano

GAE: 751 / LAGAP: 527

Freelancer, he accompanies throughout the territory on weekends.

PRESENTATION:  After a few years experience within the Italian Alpine Club, where I was also responsible for the “Alpine Baby Club” Section, dealing with the organization and management of excursions for families, in 2015 I attended a professionalizing course for environmental guide sponsored by AIGAE (Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides), and I was able to register in the Regional Register of GAE qualified to carry out this profession.

I organize excursions in the natural environment and urban trekking mainly for an audience of very young people and families interested in the theme of environmental education and in the knowledge of the naturalistic peculiarities of Sardinia.


CONTACTS : tel:  339 8766691  /

Pasella Giovanni

LAGAP: 325

Libra professional, accompanies you all along the way, all year round.


My name is Giovanni Pasella, I’m an Environmental Tour Guide, I’ve been doing this job out of passion for over 10 years, I’ve worked and still work with the main tour operators in Sardinia, but also outside. I cultivate many passions, most of them related to the environment and its protection.

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  328 7599081  /

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Pau Carla

LAGAP: 182

Freelancer, accompanies you along the way all year round.


I work full-time as an Environmental, Excursion and Tourist Guide.
I plan, organize and take care of every aspect and finally I lead walking trips, trekking, cultural tours especially
in Italy. Since this year I have also started to lead trips to Portugal and there is an interesting opportunity in Scotland and in the South of Spain as well as in Tunisia.
I have been organizing and accompanying groups on walking trips in Sardinia since 2018, from the north to the south of the island.
During the course of the year, I would very much like to offer my professionalism and collaborate with my expert local colleagues in accompanying people along the Santa Barbara Mining Trail.
I’m also available with regard to maintenance and reconnaissance of new trails, such as in Sarrabus.

After completing my university career at the University of Cagliari, I lived for over 10 years in Tuscany, a land to which I am deeply attached, not only from a professional
point of view .
Southern Tuscany in particular (Val d’Orcia, Maremma, Amiata).

The path that led me to carry out the profession of guide full-time, with all the nuances of the
case, dates back to 2009, when I attended the seminar on Sustainable Tourism with Ram Viaggi
conducted by Renzo Garrone.
Initially, finding myself a few years after graduating in Historical Artistic Heritage (Operatore per i Beni
Culturali) in Florence, surrounded by all the Art whose History I had studied at the University, I was determined to
take the Tourist Guide license.
Subsequently, the transfer to the countryside prompted me to start the training course to
obtain the Environmental Driving license.
It is in the mountains of Castell’Azzara (Amiata Grosseto), on the border between Lazio and Tuscany. which I started
work as a Guide starting from May 2012.
Soon, while exploring Southern Tuscany, I realized that to offer a complete product to
my collaborators (agencies, Tour Operators, Parks, etc.) and direct customers, having both licenses
would allow me to create unique experiences.
Even Sardinia, where I have returned permanently since the summer of 2019, with its great
landscape, archaeological and naturalistic richness, needs complete figures that can satisfy the
request of the most attentive tourist, from the adventurous hiker to the lover of archeology .
For this reason I am now also a Tour Guide and Tour Leader and I can answer questions
expectations of any type of Italian and foreign tourist in the field of Naturalistic and
Excursion Tourism, as well as in the more purely Cultural one.

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences, archaeology

CONTACTS : tel:  340 6933470  /

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Pinna Michele

GAE: 659 / AIGAE: SA467 / Cycling Guide Sardinia region N°50

Freelancer, he accompanies throughout the territory all year round.

PRESENTATION:  I’m Michele Pinna, hiking and cycle touring guide. I have three children and I dedicate myself to both groups and couples who want to walk stages of the journey. I am a mtb instructor for children and adults. I am an Environmental Engineer and Cartographer and I obtained a master’s degree in Industrial Archeology in Padua with a thesis on the Pozzo Sella mining site.
The experience along the way began in 2014 with the survey of the route and the drafting of thematic maps and databases. I followed the birth and evolution of the path.
I have several years of experience as a tour guide in the mining sites of Porto Flavia, Monteponi, Buggerru and Grotta Santa Barbara.
With me you will get to know in depth the journey and the mining history of the places.

SPECIALIZATION IN:  Mining and Industrial Archaeology, Geography, Natural Sciences, Mining Histories

CONTACTS : tel:  379 1133517  /

Facebook / Instagram

Piras Alessio


Company, accompanies along the territory of Sulcis Iglesiente all year round.

PRESENTATION:  Alessio Piras, 44 years old from Nebida. I consider driving a passion and although I am passionate about all types of environments, I prefer mining areas.

CONTACTS : tel:  334 2105474  /

Piras Dajana


Libra professional, accompanies you all along the way, all year round.


My name is Dajana Piras, I have been an environmental hiking guide since 2018 and 2 national mtb guides since 2016.
Graduated in 2008 as a tourist services technician, I attended university for a year and then moved to England for four years where I studied and worked .
I have 17 years of experience in catering and since 2019 I have been practicing the profession of environmental hiking guide.
I am passionate about nature and travel and I chose to practice as a guide thanks to this passion.

SPECIALIZATION:  Experiences on foot and by bike

CONTACTS : tel:  342 0427911  /

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Pisanu Stefania


Freelance, she accompanies throughout the territory on weekends from October to April.

INTRODUCTION:  Hi, I’m Stefania.
For twenty years I have been accompanying visitors in the regional territory, mainly on foot, in various territories including the Marghine, my territory of origin, the Nurra, the Planargia, the Nuorese and for five years also the Guspinese and the Arburese.
In addition to being a regional Gae guide and member of AIGAE, I am also an official guide of the Asinara National Park, in which I have been operating since the first years of its establishment, therefore for over 20 years.
I am a freelancer, and since I graduated I have been collaborating with universities and public and private bodies in the field of environmental monitoring, specifically with regard to botany and plant landscape, as can be deduced from reading my curriculum vitae.

Environmental hiking guide, environmental consultant with specialization in botany and plant landscape

SPECIALIZATION:  Natural sciences

CONTACTS : tel:  347 6512084  /

Puddu Carlotta

GAE: 824 / AIGAE: SA574

Freelancer, accompanies you along the way all year round on weekends and holidays.


I am an environmental hiking guide specialized in excursions, experiential activities and workshops in nature for children and teenagers (schools, study holidays, summer camps, families).

For work, I deal with the planning, coordination and conducting of sustainability education workshops, environmental interpretation, territorial animation for local development and sustainable tourism.
I am a member of Ecoistituto Mediterraneo, which manages four CEAS Centers for Environmental Education and Sustainability in the Sardinia Region, two museums and a hostel with the European Ecolabel of environmental excellence.

SPECIALIZATION:  Environmental education, Environmental interpretation, Outdoor experiences for children and teenagers

CONTACTS : tel:  340 5955479  /

Tedeschi Paolo


Professional book, accompanies you along the way all year round on weekends.


I am a professional educator and an Environmental Hiking Guide registered in the AIGAE register starting from the year 2021. Being originally from San Vero Milis (OR), I have practiced the activity of Environmental Hiking Guide especially in the territories of Oristano trying to make known and to enhance the naturalistic beauties of my territory, avoiding to follow the too inflated and well-known paths of the island.
During my, albeit brief, experience, I had the opportunity to accompany people with physical disabilities (the visually impaired) into nature and, using my knowledge as a professional educator, I related to school structures and youth centers by organizing activities in nature with school groups and groups of teenagers.
I consider the work of an Environmental Hiking Guide as a passion and I try to assimilate more and more knowledge and motivations from each experience to increase my experiential fabric in this area. I think the opportunity to be able to accompany tourists or locals along the paths of the Santa Barbara Mining Path can increase my knowledge of the territories crossed and add fundamental experiences to my cultural baggage for the continuation of this profession.


QUALIFICATIONS:  Accompanying people with physical and mental disabilities 

CONTACTS : tel:  340 8837658  /


GAE - GT - Environmental hiking guide and tourist guide

Cerniglia Franco

AIGAE: SA334 / GT: 136

Company, accompanies throughout the territory throughout the year.

Possibility of transfer with 9-seater vehicle


Sardinia Tourist Guide was born in 2008 to fulfill Franco’s dream, a degree as a cultural operator for tourism, a master’s degree in economics and management of cultural, environmental and tourism heritage, a tourist guide license and an AIGAE registered environmental excursion guide, passion for nature, adventure and a boundless love for Sardinia.

Animated by so much enthusiasm Franco decides to become Sardinia Tourist Guide: the tourist guide of Sardinia par excellence and to accompany the smartest and most curious travelers to discover the Sardinia destination with all the experience of a professional guide capable of weaving original and authentic experiences.

The mission of Sardinia Tourist Guide is to bring curious and adventurous visitors to discover the true essence of Sardinia.

In the meantime Franco continues to feed his curiosity by traveling the world to discover extraordinary cultures and adventures: a source of inspiration and constant comparison to give back to his guests, in his experiences, the Sardinia he loves most.

Sardinia Tourist Guide creates tailor-made products based on the requests of travelers whether they are solitary or in groups, cruise passengers or sailors, corporate teams and professionals looking for unique emotions. Franco also organizes basic and advanced trekking and kayaking courses.

Franco and Sardinia Tourist Guide create adventurous and sought-after experiences according to the traveller’s needs, relying on a unique knowledge of Sardinia and a capillary network of friendly structures and partners attentive to quality and guest care.

All services are studied and conceived with the aim of offering a range of experiences that facilitate knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage of Sardinia. Tours and experiences are packaged in collaboration with local realities chosen with care and akin to Franco’s adventurous and friendly spirit, they too contribute to giving the traveler unique and authentic experiences.


CONTACTS : tel:  349 4558367  /

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Dedola Tiziana

GAE: 683 (Emilia Romagna) / GT: 1961

Freelance, she accompanies throughout the territory all year round, as a Tourist Guide she works in Iglesias, Carbonia, Carloforte, Sant’Antioco, Arbus, Fluminimaggiore, Domusnovas, Villamassargia, Tratalias, Sant’Anna Arresi, Santadi

PRESENTATION: Tiziana Dedola, Tourist Guide since 2014, born in the center of Sardinia and raised in Bolotana, a small town in the Marghine area a few kilometers from Nuoro. Tiziana currently lives in Nebida, a former mining town by the sea, where she manages a lovely Bed & Breakfast by the sea, Pedra Rubia, and she has been working for years as a tourist guide in the Iglesiente area with a specialization in the mining sector. Before this experience, Tiziana lived in Rome, where she graduated in Communication Sciences, Naples and Milan, where she worked in communication and web marketing, with the constant desire to apply her skills to the promotion of her beautiful island, Sardinia. She returned here in 2014 and immediately became a Tourist Guide in the Sulcis Iglesiente area.

SPECIALIZATION:  Mining history, Archaeology, Geology

CONTACTS : tel:  320 8410636  /

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Depau Simone

EAG: 669 / GT: 1644

Company, accompanies throughout the territory, call for availability.

PRESENTATION:  For 9 years I have opened a business that deals with organizing excursions on foot and by pedal assisted bike. I am committed to offering quality tourism that respects the environment and favors local economies. I am part of the Sardinia ecotourism network (a group of companies pursuing common objectives) and I collaborate with various Italian and foreign tour operators. I am a member of a guide cooperative that promotes responsible tourism for which I design and manage various trips in Sardinia including a part of the St. Barbara path

CONTACTS : tel:  3298343930  /

Manca Genny

AIGAE: SA587 / GT: 2138

Cooperative Society, accompanies throughout the territory all year round, as a Tourist Guide operates in Villacidro.

Possibility of luggage transport

PRESENTATION: My name is Genny, I live in Villacidro and since I was little I have been frequenting the mountains, the sea and natural environments. My going to explore, browse and learn more and more has given me the opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge of the area to pass on to others.
After various courses, exams and checks in the sector, I acquired the Environmental Hiking Guide license, becoming more and more passionate about the outdoor world.
I am currently part of the “Soul of Sardinia” Tourist Services Cooperative as a Gae Guide and Tourist Guide.
I’m giving you more than one reason to practice’s much more than a simple sport, it’s a passion that can become a lifelong lifestyle. Trekking gives serenity and emotional well-being, and being a moderate physical activity it promotes blood circulation, also improving breathing.


CONTACTS : tel:  340 3263546  /

Website / Facebook 

Meli Marco

GT: 2589 / LAGAP: 621

Freelance, he accompanies throughout the territory on weekdays, takes care of excursions in urban and naturalistic areas. 

As a tour guide he works in the cities of Cagliari, Carbonia, Iglesias and Portoscuso

PRESENTATION:  Hello, I’m Marco and I make myself available for accompaniment and dissemination in the naturalistic field.

SPECIALIZATION:  Modern history and mining history

CONTACTS : tel:  346 0861057  /

Facebook / Instagram

Murru Anna Maria

AIGAE: SA625 / GT: 60

Freelance, she accompanies throughout the territory all year round, as a Tourist Guide she operates throughout Sardinia.

PRESENTATION:  Hi, I have been working as a tour guide since 1989 and as an environmental guide for about 10 years. the work of guide fills me with joy, for me it is a great satisfaction to accompany people and make them fall in love with this beautiful island.
Walking has always been my dream, my great energy, my life. I hope I can walk with you.

SPECIALIZATION:  Archaeology, Geography, Anthropology, Geology

CONTACTS : tel:  339 8442204  /

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Picciau Alessandro

AIGAE: SA455 / GT: 1176

Freelance, she accompanies throughout the territory all year round, as a Tourist Guide working in Iglesias, Sant’Antioco, Santadi, Nuxis, Arbus, Villacidro, Carbonia.

PRESENTATION:  He studied at the University of Cagliari where he graduated in Tourism Sciences in 2010. He obtained the qualification of tourist guide of Sardinia in the same year. She then begins her work in the tourism sector, first as a guide and escort, then from 2017 also as an environmental guide, having completed a professionalizing course with AIGAE in that year. In 2017 he was one of the founders and president of the Atobius cultural association, which deals with the tourist and cultural promotion of Sardinia. In 2019 he obtained the title of sommelier with the Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS).

SPECIALIZATION:  Archaeology, history, food and wine

CONTACTS : tel:  349 8644755  /

Facebook / Website

GT - tourist guide

Casula Francesca Romana

GT: 1382

Freelance, she accompanies you in the Sulcis Iglesiente area all year round.

PRESENTATION: I am a guide of the municipality of Iglesias. I already work for the mining sites of the municipality (Iglesias Servizi) and for the Tourist Consortium. I have worked for the geomining park in the past. I am also a freelancer with VAT number. I like to accompany large groups, families and children/teenagers.

SPECIALIZATION:  Art History, Mining History, Geography, History

CONTACTS : tel:  345 2360473  /

Dessì Maria Giovanna

GT: 2051

Freelancer, she accompanies throughout Sardinia

My name is Maria Giovanna Dessì, I am a designer and journalist, I am 37 years old and I live in Domusnovas. I am mother of Alice and Elena and wife of Paolo. I currently work as an employee in a cooperative called “Casa Emmaus”, where I am responsible for the project office and external communication.
I am a freelancer, tour guide and trainer. I work above all with the National Forum of the Third Sector in Rome where I deal with training and assessment and emergence of skills.
I am a founding member of the Elda Mazzocchi Scarzella social promotion association, which I helped found in 2016. An organization born with the aim of organizing cultural and recreational moments for families and children in the area. During my degree in communication sciences and journalism, obtained in Sassari, I had the opportunity to do Erasmus in Paris. I then completed this journey with a specialist degree in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism. During the University I worked at the Orientation Center where I was in charge of giving incoming, ongoing and outgoing information to university students. I continued my studies with a second level master’s degree in “European Development Cooperation Policies”, in Barcelona, ​​at the Autonomous University,
Two years ago I obtained the first level master’s degree in Rome in “Expert in the recognition of previous skills in adults”. Thanks to this occasion I was able to dedicate myself to the service of accompanying the emergence of the skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts of a group
of third sector executives. I love cycling and discovering new places, talking to people and learning from every encounter, every story, a lesson. I love to write and take photographs. I love Sardinia. Passions that led me to become a tour guide and to enroll in the register. I like to alternate my work commitments between the local, my small town and big cities like Rome and Salerno. This allows me to have close contact with people and at the same time experience and understand the dynamics and processes of big cities. I am good at reconciling the times and spaces of work and family life. My first daughter Alice was born in Barcelona 12 years ago, while we were attending the master’s degree, while Elena was born after the internship experience.
I’d like to start a new work experience, which by taking up my previous experiences and university studies, will allow me to grow and give my best in telling the beauty that is in our land.

SPECIALIZATION:  Local development and animation

CONTACTS : tel:  349 4957993  /


Garau Melania

GT: 2135

Freelance, she accompanies Sulcis Iglesiente and Cagliari all year round on weekends.

PRESENTATION: My name is Melania Garau, I have been a tour guide for 5 years, I work as a freelancer in Southern Sardinia, I also practice in English, I also build new thematic itineraries and tours between the Cagliari and Sulcis-Iglesiente areas.
I am currently attending a regional course to obtain the qualification of Environmental Guide (by 2022).

SPECIALIZATION:  Archaeology, history of art

CONTACTS : tel:  348 9344171  /

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Meloni Maria Giovanna

GT: 2590

Freelance, she accompanies the Municipalities of Carbonia, Portoscuso, Iglesias, Sant’Antioco, Cagliari all year round.

PRESENTATION: Archaeologist and tour guide, I have collaborated with associations and consortia planning historical-archaeological itineraries ranging from the history of mining to those of the tuna traps along the Sulcis coast, without neglecting my first passion: archeology. Working with different realities has given me the opportunity to explore multiple aspects of the territory and to transfer them with constant communication in contact with the public. Over time I have established a solid collaboration with the Iglesiente Tourist Consortium providing the guide service for the mining sites of the city of Iglesias, information management at the Tourist Office and transfer service for groups. The latest professional experience at the Great Mine of Serbariu allowed me to further study the mining history of the twentieth century and the related social context. For years I have been collaborating with the Sa Fabbrica di Portoscuso Association which has given me the opportunity to explore a still little-known theme such as that of the Tonnara di Su Pranu, the resources of the sea and the recovery of the historical memory of the town, essentially my roots.

SPECIALIZATION:  Archaeology, mining history, history, geography

CONTACTS : tel:  389 1418190  /

Pinna Silvia

GT: 1123

Freelance, she accompanies the Arbus and Guspini area all year round.

PRESENTATION:  Hi, I’m a girl who is passionate about the history of my area and who likes being in contact with the public.

SPECIALIZATION:  History, Art, Mining History Montevecchio Mines

QUALIFICATIONS:  Accompanying people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities

CONTACTS : tel:  339 4164561  /

Rosas Danilo

GT: 2573

It accompanies the territory of Sulcis Iglesiente all year round.

PRESENTATION:  Tourist guide of the city of Iglesias. Experience and work in the mining sites of the Municipality, with the company Iglesias Servizi. Tourist guide of the Tourist Consortium. Experience with school laboratories (alternating school-work).

SPECIALIZATION:  Art history, mining history, history, geography

CONTACTS : tel:  349 6879555  /

Sedda Laura

GT: 1156

Freelance, she accompanies Sulcis Iglesiente, Arburese, Cagliari, Oristano all year round.

PRESENTATION:  Thanks to my training, my work experience (tour guide since 2010) and my passion for Sardinia, I know the Sardinian territory very well, especially from an archaeological point of view. Having worked 5 years on mining sites I am quite familiar with the mining history and sites of the south west.


CONTACTS : tel:  340 0514422  /

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Uccheddu Andrea

GT: 2463

Freelance, she accompanies along the stretches of Sulcis Iglesiente, Arburese and Guspinese from October to March and from June to September.

PRESENTATION: I consider myself a Punic-Roman who is turning into Nuragic passing from the Middle Ages to the post-war period. My guided tours are not always and only those visits in which only technical and non-technical notions are given, but the various experiences are always collaborated and shared to broaden and range in knowledge. Because in tourism the most important thing is sharing with different realities.


CONTACTS : tel:  342 8111674   /

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