The Testimonium is a parchment paper in which the sense and spirit of the Cammino is briefly described.

The stamps and the kilometers covered give pilgrims/excursionists the right to ask for the Testimonium, which will be given in homage upon arrival to those pilgrims/excursionists who have covered, even discontinuously, at least 100 km.

This acknowledgment can be requested at the end of the Cammino to the Foundation CMSB. If for any reason it cannot be collected personally, it can be shipped by mail (w/shipping costs) upon request at the following e-mail: info@camminominerariodisantabarbara.org

The request has to include:

  • Photo or scan of a valid ID
  • Photo or scan of the Credential with relative stamps, complete address, place and starting date of the Cammino