The Credential

The credential is the pilgrim/excursionist’s “passport”, attests to his identity and distinguishes him from all other travelers.

In addition to the pilgrim/excursionist’s generalities, the place and date of arrival and departure are indicated as well as space for the stamps that attest to his passage along each stage of the “Cammino”.

The credential is issued by the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara Foundation and can be purchased at a cost of 2 euros directly at the Foundation’s offices in Via Cattaneo, 70 Iglesias (SU).

The credential can be mailed home (specifying the shipping address) after completing the form below, attaching a copy of the applicants’ identity documents and a copy of the bank transfer made according to the table below.

Payment can be made via bank transfer in favor of: Fondazione Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara” – IBAN IT48E0306909606100000149145 – Banca Intesa San Paolo.

Depending on the number of credentials to be mailed, the weight and cost of the registered letter may vary. The credential cannot be sent blank, therefore the request must contain the Pilgrim’s name and surname as well as copy of a valid ID.

For any further information contact us at +39 0781 24132

Bank transfer for:

1 credential TOT: €8.95 (€ 2 + 6.95).

2 credential TOT: € 11.45 (€ 4 + 7.45)

3 credential TOT: € 13.45 (€ 6 + 7.45)

4 credential TOT: € 15.45 (€ 8 + 7.45)

5 credential TOT: € 18.05 (€ 10 + 8.05)

Agreements and conventions are being defined with some of the reception structures (restaurants, accommodation, museums, etc.), which will allow those who present their regularly stamped credentials to obtain discounts.


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