Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of seven members, appointed, in accordance with the internal determinations of the single constituent bodies, in the person of:

  • Marco Loi, Paola Massidda and Elvira Usai, representing the Sulcis district;
  • Simone Franceschi and Antonello Cocco, representing the district of Iglesias;
  • Giuseppe De Fanti, representing the Guspinese district;
  • Pietro Pinna, representing the “Associazione Pozzo Sella”;

The Board of Directors, gathered at the conclusion of the signing of the deed of partnership, has unanimously appointed,  Pietro Pinna  Chairman of the Board of the  Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara Foundation  and Simone Franceschi  Vice Chairman.

The Board of Directors remains in office for four years, its members carry out their mandate gratuitously and  do not receive any form of salary or payment.