28. Carloforte → Portoscuso

Length: 19.5 km + 6.2 sea miles

Difference in altitude: uphill 455 m – downhill 455 m

Difficulty: challenging

Duration: 6 hrs, 30 min. + 40 min. on ferry

Brief description

Yet another new and unique stage of our Cammino that, at the end of the day, takes us back by sea on the mother island after having walked effortlessly on the island of San Pietro to discover its extraordinary historical and cultural heritage linked to the economy of the sea, tuna fishing in particular, and the transportation of minerals. But the real surprise of this small island inhabited by Genoese for the past 300 years are its naturalistic jewels and the long-standing gastronomic tradition linked to sea and farm to table products, jealously safeguarded along with their genuine delicacies.