27. Nuraxi Figus → Carloforte

Length: 11.5 km + 6.2 sea miles

Difference in altitude: uphill 196 m – downhill 310 m

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 3 hrs, 30 min. + 40 min. on ferry

Brief description

We start by walking on the outskirts of the industrial area of Portovesme and immerse ourselves in the ancient seafaring culture of the area, that with fishing and processing of tuna, has built a centuries-old history that is still alive today and a source of an extraordinary gastronomic tradition. With this new and unique stage of our Cammino, besides walking without effort on land, we cross a short stretch of sea by ferry to discover the indelible traces of the infrastructures and people (railways, warehouses, docks and ports for steamships) that have ensured for a century the transportation of mercantile minerals produced in the mines of the south-western coast of Sardinia.