21. Is Zuddas → Masainas

Length: 21.1 km

Difference in altitude: uphill 585 m – downhill 629 m

Difficulty: challenging

Duration: 7 hrs.

Brief description

The baryte quarries and the numerous archeological sites (Domus de janas of Su Cungiau de Tuttui, Nuraghi Moddizzi, Murrecci and Corongius Longus) characterize this stage.

A lush blanket of green vegetation with beautiful specimens of Juniper trees covers the hills overlooking the town of Masainas. Every now and then an opening through the trees give you a glimpse of the landscape, where the view reaches as far as the sea.

Quite challenging is the uphill stretch that must be surmounted at the beginning of this stage going up from the Is Zuddas cave (102m/asl) to the Monte Moddizzi pass (374m/asl).