01. Iglesias → Nebida


Presently, there is a detour for work in progress on the route right after the Buon Cammino Convent. Temporary signs are already present on site.

Length: 20.9 km

Difference in altitude: uphill 753 m – downhill 797 m

Difficulty: medium

Duration: 7 hrs

Brief description

As of this first stage, we are walking on the most ancient limestone-dolomite rocks in Italy, on big deposits of lead, zinc and silver that have been the subject of intense mining activity for centuries. Straight away we are immersed in the great cultural, environmental and religious heritage of Sardinia.

From the medieval city of Iglesias to the town of Nebida, we encounter chapels, churches and places of worship dedicated to the patron saint of miners.

The passage in the sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Cammino gives this first day a particular spiritual meaning.

On the average this stage is demanding, not so much for the length, as for the two uphill stretches that must be climbed in the first part of the walk in order to reach the Buon Cammino hilltop (341 masl) and the excavations of Cungiaus (323 masl).